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The poems that appear below are poems that God allowed me to write after I could no longer update my web site on AOL. Prior to that, whenever I composed a new poem to honor my Father it was placed on this web site within an hour of being completed and many people would check here daily to see if any new poems had appeared. Many times I would receive an email telling me that a poem I had just placed on my web site had brought someone to tears, had them laughing or praising God, and I can tell you sincerely that when AOL changed whatever they changed that no longer allowed me to post new poems, I felt like a part of me had died and my on line ministry basically came to a halt.

God has now chosen to reinstate this ministry and two huge parts of this ministry are John Plath, my cousin who was executed on death row in South Carolina and Joel Ness, a childhood friend who popped back into my life after more than 35 years. Joel and others helped save this ministry and this man. To learn more about how Joel touched this ministry return to my HOME page and read the opening statements, there you will see a picture of Joel.

The first poem on this page was written for Joel to share the night he presented a program at his church for the youth of the area and reflects upon the way my life, Joel's life and John's life entwined in a way in which we will all be brothers in heaven. Joel passed out over 50 CD's that night as he shared parts of my life, John's life and his life and music from the CD. John, Joel and I were all childhood friends.


Three babies came to life, many years ago
Each one with a heart, to nurture and to grow
So many different roads, each little life would take
Three roads now would meet, was it more than fate?

The roads crossed for a while, then twisted far apart
As we passed from childhood, adult lives we would start
Life was full of twists, and turns upon the roads
Choices that we made, became such heavy loads!

One went to the Army, one to dealing dope
The other kept on drinking, giving up on hope
All got into drugs, all got into to booze
Each and every one, with so much to lose!

Little did they know, that God now had a plan
Little did they know, each would help the other man
And now three friends will meet, in robes of dazzling white
Each one has surrendered, and is sentenced now to life!

Thank you Joel and family and friends,
For touching my life at just the right time,

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

A Thank You To The Family

The Poem Below Was Composed By Me
To Be Shared At My Mother's Funeral Service

She lived and passed as Grace, the name they gave at birth
What a precious gift, given to this earth
She blessed our hearts with love, even in her pain
And in our hearts forever, her grace will now remain!

A precious child of God, at times misunderstood
Always she would find, a way to do us good
Forgiving every fault, that we might display
And showing yet again, grace in her special way!

She became my teacher, with her precious love
Showing me the mercy, of my God above
A heart so pure and simple, a love so strong and true
I am so glad dear Mom, that God gave me to you!

I honor her today, with the words above
And thank my awesome Father, for her guiding love
For in the life she lived, in all that I could see
She showed me every day, my Father's love for me!

God Bless You Mom
November 25th, 1921 - October 22nd, 2004


My life blew up today, my world went all askew
So many trials, too many fires, all of them quite new
One by one they came, falling drops of rain
It made no sense, hurt too much, far, far too much pain!

I was very sure, I had nothing left to give
Wasn't even sure, I still wanted to live
Crying out to God, feeling very blue
I wondered to myself, "Whatever could I do?"

Still his words were there, in my darkest nights
Still his words were there, glowing like a light
"Follow me, and I will lead," I heard the steadfast voice
I could quit, or choose to move, had to make a choice!

I made my choice, began to move, and still did not know why
Then what I'd written touched a life, I began to cry
I said to God,  "How will this work, and do I need this cup?"
He said "You do, I'll do the rest, if you just show up!"

Father God, May I Now Find The Courage To
Show Up For You!
Written as I begin my walk with Hepatitis C

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


My battery was dead, my tires, they all were flat
My engine would not turn, reverse would not go back
I was destined for the scrap yard, the world said it was true
But little did they know, I'd be made new with you!

Rusted and quite ugly, faded peeling paint
There's no hope for that one, He'll never be a saint
My oil was thick and murky, close to sludge, poor me
But little did they know, that you would set me free!

My head lights wouldn't come on, my dome light surely dead
My heart became quite sad, I heard just what they said
Send him to the junk pile, we'll get a buck or five
But little did they know, my engine would survive!

You took to me your wrenches, your ratchets and your love
You worked both day and night, oh so high above
You made my engine purr, my gears are working right
For I have been restored, and my lights are shining bright!

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


I came into the room, bots were all about
I did not understand, yelled, You must get out!
Alas, the bot cared not, and continued on in sin
So I yelled again, You must let Jesus in!

Today I understand, a bot is just a tool
Made to cause a fall, to make us look a fool
To pray now for a bot, would really be quite feeble
So I choose today, to pray for the bot people!

Yes, they do exist, someone made the bot
Sad to see wasted time, wasting what they've got
They are people too, just like you and me
I pray someday they will find, that Jesus sets us free!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

Out Of My Cave

Many years ago, in distant, far gone days
A man once fled from God, and hid out in a cave
The man was named Elijah, and God had used him greatly
But as he hid within the cave, he'd forgotten all that lately!

I became Elijah, for I'd been hiding too
I became Elijah, forgot what God can do
My home became my cave, as I hid inside
My enemy was loud, as he danced and lied!

My life was broken, shattered, becoming more a mess
I was failing miserably, with each and every test
Then God began to move, by people he was sending
And I began to see, my life was not yet ending!

By the people that he sent, God now touched my heart
He said through all of them, "Make a brand new start"
They pulled me from my cave, and showed me God's great blessings
Now I live again, and His mercy I'm confessing!

Jeremiah 29:11-13 (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me,
and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


Who da man?
That be Jesus!
Oh yea, well what he do?

He set me free!
He give me life!
So I can preach at you!

I preach at you!
Show you him!
Tell you of de plan!

I say again!
I tell no lie!
Jesus is DA MAN!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


I looked upon the doorknob, worn and quite used
Some would say well rounded, some would say abused
But when I see the doorknob, shining in the Son
I know with just one turn, Salvation I have won!

© Jay L. Zumbrum


A quiet summer night, alone within my mind
Wondering if true love, I will ever find
A gently rolling hill, bathed with golden light
The moon is bright and full, so beautiful tonight!

It makes my heart so sad, to be here all alone
With so much awesome beauty, for someone to be shown
For now I'll stare in awe, and pray someday to see
The woman of my dreams, share all of this with me!

© Jay L. Zumbrum


Jesus loves the little pets, as he loves the people
Though they have no church, with a pretty steeple
How can that be so, do you think it's true
Well, he's coming on a horse, when He comes for you!

© Jay L. Zumbrum

Sunset on 1/13/2010 taken from my front porch. Photo appears just as I took it and is not enhanced in any way.
Sunset on 1/13/2010 taken from my front porch. Photo appears
just as I took it and is not enhanced in any way.

Praise His Beauty

I look upon the world, beauty there to see
I think about the love, God has shown me
I look upon the world, God's majesty abounds
And I will praise his name, for the mercy I have found!
I look upon the sunsets, golden, awesome, true
When I see a sunset, my King, I think of you
I gaze upon the clouds, melting into one
Then praise your mighty name, for all that you have done!
A wicked, wretched man, is what I used to be
Then the beauty of your love, brought me to my knees
Golden rays of peace, descending on my heart
Then this broken life, was able to restart!
So I will praise your beauty, your mercy and your love
I will lift my hands, in praise to God above
Like the beauty in the world, your love is real to me
I long to praise you Lord, in eternity!
Praise His Beauty Forever
© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


In the haze of sin, and darkness of the night
I was oh so sure, I had lost the light
So far from God I felt, wretched man I be
But when I turned to look, His light, it covered me!

Waves of sin had fallen, flooding broken heart
Ripping at my love, tearing me apart
Patience lost the test, fear began to win
As Jesus and his light, longed for my heart again!

My energy depleted, no strength now left to run
Broken shattered heart, from the wrong I'd done
I long to be back home, but dare I make the turn
Will not the Lord now kill me, and sentence me to burn?

With tears I stop my flight, surrender I will now
I know I lost it all, my hand not on the plow
I will be content, if He'll have me as a friend
Instead he hands a pencil, and says "Jay, write again!"

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus precious Name
And for His Glory

The Choice

You must be a Baptist, no Lutheran, no Pentecostal
You better pick one boy, or God will be quite hostile
You must be an Adventist, Mormon or JW
You better pick one boy, for all are quite above you!

You are so confused, now what do you believe
Take a look upon our list, agree or you must leave
You better be a Methodist, or even Apostolic
Have you made your choice, are you sure you got it?

Are you Charismatic, do you dance and sing
Do you go to movies, Oh, those awful things
You must sign this paper, or we will not trust
When you die, you will live, or maybe be just dust!

With a tear I said to God, I feel so all alone
He said to me, "It's okay, believe and you'll come home"
So much clamor and confusion, have we lost the voice
Now as a child, with simple faith, I have made my choice!

1 Timothy 2:5 (NIV)
5 For there is one God and one mediator between
God and men, the man Christ Jesus

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

Thank You!

A tribute now, for those, you see
Who chose to give, their lives for me
Yes, for me, and many more
For all of those, who went to war!

For all of those, in wars gone by
I shed a tear, from my eye
Because of you, I live in peace
And pray someday, war will cease!

For you my friend, on this day
I think of you, now, in my way
For words are all, I have to give
In these words, you shall live!

So thank you all, for your deed
A call to arms, in time of need
Not forgotten, but here to stay
Not just on this, but every day!

John 15:13
13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


Today I met a man, whom is no longer gay
With a precious wife, to Jesus do they pray
Into the world they go, with courage and with faith
A message of repentance, love and hope they take!

I know they have been tested, know they've fought the fight
I know they love the Lord, and look to him for light
I know they get discouraged, and some days want to quit
I know the truth they bring, gives Satan quite a fit!

I admire this couple, moving in our land
Teaching of forgiveness, Jesus and his plan
They choose to tell the truth, not to bend and lie
And someday in the future, with Jesus will they fly!

I am very thankful, I've come to know these two
Whom go into the world, Jesus, just for you
I ask you now to bless them, and meet their every need
As gays on earth repent, and with Jesus will succeed!

God Bless you Jay & Elizabeth
In His Name,
(the other one)  :o)

My garage from my front porch as seen on 12/19/2009.
My garage from my front porch as seen on 12/19/2009.


The snow was crisp and clean, beautiful and white
Gently it had fallen, late into the night
For awhile I watched, then drifted off to sleep
The snow continued on, moonlit, growing deep!

Still the snow was falling, as I now awoke
The beauty and the majesty, to my heart it spoke
So quiet and serene, a picture so complete
The snow upon the trees, and softly under feet!

My heart was calm and quiet, as daylight filtered in
The snow had covered all, as Jesus covers sin
Awesome splendid beauty, God's wonders to behold
Now I understood, my coming snow-white robe!

The snow had covered earth, hidden every flaw
As Jesus covers us, when we heed the call
An awesome sparkling blanket, a beauty oh so real
When I meet dear Jesus, this is what I'll feel!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

Job 37:6-7
"“For to the snow He says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ And to the downpour and the rain, ‘Be strong.’
“He seals the hand of every man, That all men may know His work." (


They came upon this field, with dreams of hope and glory
Each and every one, would write a different story
In glorious lines of battle, across the land they came
And forever on this field, they found eternal fame!

Division by division, swept on by coming battle
Brigade by blessed brigade, now heard the saber's rattle
Regiments in number, for wife and son this day
Company by company, the gallant charge they made!

The names are etched in stone, Oak Hill and Devil's Den
Each would take it's toll, claiming lives of men
The Railroad Cut and Barlow's Knoll, each had a part to play
I walk among these places, in awed reverence today!

Lincoln said it best, our words cannot convey
What each man chose to give, on three now famous days
I must share the truth, no honor in a lie
I've stood upon this field, and yes, my eyes have cried!

© Jay L. Zumbrum

"The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here,
but it can never forget what they did here."
Abraham Lincoln   Gettysburg, PA   November 19, 1863
From The Gettysburg Address


Satan has a tool, bitterness by name
Satan has a tool, to make the healthy lame
Satan has a tool, used to conquer love
He cannot bear to see, mercies from above!

Satan is a liar, using great deception
With pain he seeks to kill, the needed God connection
With trickery and lies, he says you're not created
Then quotes his erred evidence, "truth" he says, "now stated!"

But let us take a look, at bitterness in life
Does it bring deep peace, or lead to wicked strife
Does bitterness bring healing, upon a wounded heart
And where in tortured bitterness, can love now make a start?

God has a better option, than bitterness, to try
If you heed the words, all bitterness will die
But Satan seeks to hide this, and in this world breed hate
God just smiles and says, "With love there's no debate!"

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

Romans 8:38-39 (NIV)
38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present
nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation,
will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord

Delphi Disgruntled Ones

I came upon a forum, in which I chose to post
A very simple thought, 200 words at most
I really am amazed, at all that I now see
They really seem to be, quite angry at me!

I guess they're very bored, nothing better now to do
So many wasted words, on and on they spew
I sit here now with love, that God brings to my heart
And wonder where their anger, really got it's start!

I guess to them it's fun, whoopee, another Christian
Do they even have a clue, how much of life they're missing
I guess it's just the game, that they like to play
But it seems so silly, to find happiness that way!

I pray they have a life, in which much more is done
I really do not see, why they call this fun
I have learned this lesson, when others must attack
There is a profound truth, that they have come to lack!

© Jay L. Zumbrum

The poem below was inspired by an e-mail to me from someone I shared
a poem with in a Christian chat room. When she read the poem she wrote back
to me and these words were in her e-mail to me.
"Heal the past, Live the present, Dream the future!"
Her My Space page deeply touched
my heart and encouraged me.
Blessings Dee


Heal the past, Live the present, Dream the future and believe
Someday this world, we all will leave
And that will be a day of joy
For every Christian girl and boy!
Heal the past, that's the clue
And exactly what, Jesus will do
His blood a treasure, freely given
So as we heal, we'll go on living!
And as we live, and future dawns
No longer are we, Satan's pawns
For God's great mercy, and His love
Touches all from above!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus precious Name
And for His Glory


I went again to God, to share with Him my tears
My trials had lasted long, days and months and years
I could not understand, the pain so real, you see
I started to believe, my Father hated me!

My enemy, he danced, "God does not love you"
"You're holding on in faith, but you ain't got a clue"
"Tell me" Satan screamed, "Why you're holding on?"
"If God really loved you, the trials wouldn't be this long!"

I had no where to go, nowhere left to turn
I did not understand, what I had to learn
But there along the way, there had been some smiles
Just enough to help me, trudge another weary mile!

Then it finally happened, my dreams were coming true
When I'd reached my end, God came crashing through
I looked at Him with tears, "I was sure you were too late"
"Not true" He said in love, "You just had to wait!"

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory


I was independent, chose to isolate
Stayed away from people, just could not relate
When I faced my trials, I would muddle through
People came with problems, so just what could they do?

I'd grit my teeth, clench my fist, declare my victory
But when the trial had passed, there was little glee
Life was rather empty, no one to share my joy
As I stood in silence, a lonely Christian boy!

God whispered in my ear, "You need people son"
"No man was made an island, and you cannot be one"
God now went to work, on my heart of stone
Lost money, health and property, left me sick, alone!

I took a drastic step, called the Pastor of my church
In days any army showed, doing all my work
When they left I wept, I came to realize
I needed God's great army, and love, their greatest prize!

© Jay L. Zumbrum

John 13:34 (NIV)
34 “A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Hate Confused

God hates me, hates me, hates me, this is surely true
Just look, just look, just look, at what I'm going through
God loves you, loves you, loves you, you try to say to me
God hates me, hates me, hates me, love I do not see!

How can God now love me, my world is upside down
Hepatitis C and Parkinson's, bad legs and more are found
This is so insane, it makes no sense at all
All I tried to do, was heed the Holy call!

That's how it began, my health and it's demise
How was I to know, God could make me wise
No way for me to know, in chaos I'd find love
And grow now ever closer, to my God above!

So here I am today, having read a book
By Joni Eareckson Tada, that made me take a look
At all that I've endured, within God's loving hands
He's kicking down my walls, hate falls and love now stands!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory


I am afraid, and confess to you
I am scared, in all I do
I feel I've lost, your love and grace
I am afraid, to seek your face!

My heart is shattered, my faith askew
I am afraid, to trust in you
I need your love, within my heart
In my life, fear must depart!

I cannot bear, to live in fear
I cannot bear, to not be near
Your love and mercy, grace and peace
And I dare not, lay down a fleece!

For faith is now, what I must find
Courage must, engulf my mind
For without faith, I am far from you
And that, my God, will never do!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory

My King

How I love my King, how I love my Lord
All that He endured, can never be ignored
For as I face my trials, As I face the fires
I begin to understand, He too had my desires!

I have faced depression, anxiety and fear
I have felt alone, like no one else was here
My collapse was total, my breakdown quite complete
Not so with my dear Lord, He landed on His feet!

My trials were used to show me, how courageously He stood
My heart ran away, His kept doing good
For where I failed, He conquered, He stood where I couldn't stand
Because of His great victory, He now extends His hand!

"Come and rest in love, for I have won this fight"
"Come and rest with peace, out of the darkest night"
"Come and rest in me, in everything you do"
"Come and rest in me, I gave it all for you"

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory

Calvary Chapel Inner City Outreach on 6/14/09 At Penn Park In York, Pennsylvania

Members Of The Family Of God From
Calvary Chapel Participate In An
Inner City Outreach On 6/14/09 At Penn Park In York, Pennsylvania


It's time to join the family, my pastor said to me
In great dismay I looked at him, wanting just to flee
It's time to join the family, he said now once again
For he had seen me cry, because I had no friends!

I heard the words, knew it was true, for God had used his heart
To demonstrate great love to me, and show me where to start
In the end there was no choice, a healing had begun
No longer could I hide away, no longer could I run!

Years of lame excuses, now crashed unto the ground
God had brought a pastor, who was going to hang around
In love he just kept saying, "Soon you will begin"
"Here is your new family, simply let us in!"

I took my first few steps, excuses no longer real
It was time to grow, time to grow and feel
For no man is an island, no one can stand alone
And as this family loves me, I'm slowly coming home!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory


The concept of the family, came from high above
The concept of the family, is to teach us love
God created families, as He created you
God created families, to teach us what to do!

Our enemy hates families, and wants to mock, destroy
He sets in place his counterfeits, puts in place his ploy
Rebel against your parents, he says to every teen
As he goes to work, on their self-esteem!

Monogamy is silly, he says to one and all
As he sends his signals, a siren's sultry call
There's no need to marry, he says with wretched glee
Man with man, woman with woman, alas, we all are free!

God created families, to stand the test of time
God created families, to being love to our minds
God created families, to help us understand
How precious love can be, when kept within His plans!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

Thoughts Of Sand
(poem below)
Click On Image To Expand And Read Commentary
Close-up of sand from a beach in Vancouver
Close-up of sand from a beach in Vancouver, showing a surface area of less than
1 inch by 1 inch square. Click on the photo above to see an expanded view of this photo
and try to count the individual grains of sand that appear in this photo and read mini study.

SAND (Psalm 139:17-18)

Sand is nothing special, on earth it does abound
But when God considers sand, it is quite profound
The grains cannot be counted, that lie upon the earth
And this immeasurable number, teaches us what we're worth!

God says he surely thinks of us, each and every one
He says we cannot number, the good for us He's done
He says His thoughts for us, outnumber all the sand
Each and every grain, in each and every land!

Consider now the sand, take some in your hand
Now try to count the grains, each one a thought toward man
Can you count the grains, just one grain at a time
Or is this task too much, for your human mind?

And if you had the number, of grains you now are holding
Think of earth's vast deserts, before you now unfolding
Ten billion precious thoughts, then ten billion more
Just receive the love, for you'll never know the score!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory


Jesus, oh sweet Jesus, where, oh where are you
They tell me that you love me, I'm not so sure you do
And I am trying to find you Jesus, I'm looking all around
But all the people that I see, they treat me like a clown!

There is a fear within my heart, it will not go away
So many nights I've called to you, so many nights I pray
Then off to sleep I fall again, lost in nightmare's fear
Will I ever find you Jesus, will people let you near?

My heart is growing harder Lord, as days and years go by
The tears that used to stain my cheeks, no longer find my eyes
The bitterness within my heart, is now a source of strength
This lying thing that they call love, will remain at full arms length!

For I have found another friend, this one, alcohol
With every sip I take oh Lord, I build a bigger wall
And if you knock upon my door, yes, knock on it today
I am afraid I'm much too drunk, I'll just say go away!

©Jay L. Zumbrum
Written for "Who Cares"

(circa 97/98)

Fellowship Is Not Optional

Hebrews 10:25 (NIV)
25 Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing,
but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.


Satan has a goal, to isolate your heart
Seeking to destroy, and rip your life apart
He wants to take the love, now at work in you
And replace it with despair, he wants you to be blue!

He wants you to feel hopeless, wants you all alone
He wants you to feel worthless, so you won't use the phone
He wants you to believe, you've nothing left to give
He wants you to believe, you have no life to live!

He wants to see you stumble, he wants you now to fail
He wants you to believe, the seas you cannot sail
He's worked on you for years, sapping your desires
His one and only goal, to quench your Godly fires!

But Jesus is now calling, He wants you back in church
It's where you'll find the answers, to just how much you're worth
And when old Satan lies, telling you you'll falter
Remember the One that's calling, walked upon the water!

© Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for HIS Glory

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