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How can I say no, to my Father and his King
How can I say no, when Father says to sing
How can I say no, to him who saved my soul
How can I say no, and not reach for the goal?

How can I say no, when I see so much pain
How can I say no, when Father says "remain!"
How can I say no, after all that he has done
And how can I not fall, on my face before the Son?

I will not say no, though I may not understand
I will serve my Lord, by reaching out my hand
To touch the nameless child, with tears upon their cheek
I will give them love, when they feel quite weak!

And I will praise your Name, oh Mighty God and King
And if you now command it, I will loudly sing
For I am blessed my Lord, to give this day to you
May I Glorify you, in all that I might do!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


Send your Holy Spirit, deep into my heart
Send it there forever, never to depart
Send your Holy Spirit, deep within my soul
To accomplish every purpose, to accomplish every goal!

Send your Holy Spirit, to touch my very life
Send it now my Lord, to help me deal with strife
Send your Holy Spirit, to help me understand
The path of life to take, the plan you have for man!

Send your Holy Spirit, to make me one with you
For I have asked, and will receive, this I know is true
And I will praise your Holy Name, from roof tops of the world
As this, the Holy Spirit Love, in me is now unfurled!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.


I saw a wounded child, on the road today
As I reached out my hand, she told me go away
I tried again to help, but this time she lashed out
And kicking, screaming, hitting, she began to shout!

I had the love of Jesus, there within my hand
And as I tried to give it, she could not understand
This really hurt my heart, she needed love I know
But I am just a man, and knew I must let go!

And now I too was wounded, tears upon my face
For I had tried to help, with mercy, love and grace
So I now took my pain, and gave it to my Lord
He looked and smiled and said, "Your pain is not ignored!"

I took him by the hand, and led him to the child
And as we came upon her, she became quite wild
I said, "She needs your love, surely this you know"
And with a tear he said, "My son, we now must go!"

And as we walked, he told me, "Yes, I feel her pain"
"She won't let it go, it's making her insane"
And then he told a story, of another day
When it was from me, he had to walk away!

And then I understood, I knew that there was hope
This wounded, angry child, would one day learn to cope
It was all so clear, this just was not the time
For Jesus was the last thing, she had on her mind!

And Jesus said to me, "You were even worse"
I knew that it was true, for I had even cursed
And now I felt a joy, deep with in my soul
My king was on the job, with a very distant goal!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

Romans 14:1-4; 1 Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters. 2 One man’s faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. 3 The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him. 4 Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.


I awoke this morning, praising God and King
My heart so full of joy, I just had to sing
I felt the touch of God, warm upon my heart
Mercy, peace and love, touching every part!

The enemy had tried, to steal my love and joy
But he's been trying that, since I was just a boy
With bitter hate and anger, coming from all sides
He tried to steal the love, in which I now abide!

I cannot tell a lie, there were many tears
But also you must know, not too many fears
For when he hit me yesterday, I stayed upon my feet
No doubt upon my mind, he would taste defeat!

Though the pain was real, and God I could not see
There was never any doubt, he would not leave me
And as the battle raged, as it looked like I might lose
I finally understood, and hit my Jesus cruise!

And now on auto cruise, with Jesus as my Pilot
I took the pain and tears, and knew just where to file it
As I set back and flew right by, Satan waved his fist
And Jesus turned around and said, "You see, the dummy missed!"

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


Now, I came from the streets, that's where I learned to fight
So when that stupid devil came, he should have seen the light
Cause I was taught to box, my friend, by the very best
For I was taught by one who aced it, aced it every test!

The devil came to town, with permission for a trial
The first thing that he went for, was my Godly smile
Though I did not know it, God ordained this brawl
For he already knew, on Jesus I would call!

The devil had permission to test me quite severely
And for awhile I forgot, that Jesus loved me dearly
But just like Job before me, this trial I must endure
It's time to show the devil, my heart is Jesus pure!

He danced before my eyes, tearing up a bible
Taunting me he screamed, "This Word is your survival?"
And then he threw a punch, and took my breath away
Striking three more times he screamed, "This day your life I'll slay!"

He beat me for two days, always telling lies
And danced around in glee, as tears fell from my eyes
The pain was so intense, I almost could not breath
And then went for his sword, his sword now to unsheathe!

That's when I heard my Dad, screaming out in thunder
"That's it you fiendish fool, that was your last blunder
My father turned me loose, and told me, "Take him out!"
And as I clenched my fists, I charged him with a shout!

I set him with a left, then smashed him with a right
And as he staggered blindly, I drew back with all my might
I left the right hand fly, right into his jaw
And now it was me dancing, as I saw him fall!

My father looked at me, a smile upon his face
"You never threw a punch, how'd you clear the place?"
And I looked at my Dad, a smile from ear to ear
"I just called out your name, and he passed out in fear!"

This battle truly happened, the pain was very real
And I withstood the fight, I had to learn to deal
The punches that were thrown, were all within my mind
And when the devil comes again, I know I'll be just fine!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


In the darkest night, Jesus holds your hand
When you're facing fear, he is in the land
The enemy is out, to try and prove his might
But he's already lost, for Jesus won that fight!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

The Reason Why
wild north sea
A Stormy North Sea


One day as I strolled through this thing called life
And I looked about me at the turmoil and strife
I wonderd aloud, to no one at all
Why some of us stand, and some of us fall?

And I wondered how fair this God of mine could be
As I looked at a man in a hurricane sea
He yelled and he screamed, and he cried out loud
As he looked overhead at the ever darkening cloud!

And my anger rose high, as the situation got worse
This unfair God of mine I would surely curse
For how could he let this man flounder and die
When all he need do is reach down from the sky?

Then slowly, so slowly, a thought came to my mind
Of a day in my life, lost somewhere in time
When I had been the man in the hurricane sea
And had cried out loud, "My God, please help me!"

A point lost in time, when in utter defeat
I turned my will over, and was pulled back to my feet
A point in my mind, where I had to surrender
Thank God, thank God, thank God I remember!

And suddenly a warmth slipped into my soul
For I knew that my God had an ultimate goal
And I smiled at this man, in his turmoil and strife
As I realized, for him, this was the beginning of life!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Presious Name
And for His Glory


On the other side of earth, I awoke today
There was a treasure chest, standing in my way
And there was Jesus smiling, with his hand upon the lock
And as the lid came up, I stood there in shock!

As the lid came up, my eyes now filled with tears
Within the treasure chest, were treasures from the years
For every day of sorrow, for every day of pain
I now had a treasure, that forever would remain!

As Jesus took my hand, he pulled me to the chest
He said, "For you my child, you'll only get the best"
"For you have faced the fire, stood in every trial"
"And now your treasure stretches, for a million miles"!

"For the chest you see before you, is not like any other"
"It was made for you, for you my little brother"
"And this chest has no bottom, none that you can see"
"And every single treasure, is a gift from me!"

And then he took my hand, and placed it in the chest
Immediately I felt a gentle peace and rest
And then I lost my breath, my knees were getting weak
An awesome, awesome joy, so great I could not speak!

At once I understood, so simple to explain
I'd gained another gem, through every passing flame
And now I had a crown, a crown that I had won
As Jesus smiled and said, "Well done my faithful son!"

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Prescious Name
And for His Glory


Four years ago my King, there, just over the hill
My enemy arrived, to steal, destroy and kill
And I had heard the rumors, of his imminent arrival
Into your hands my King, I then placed my survival!

For I had made a choice, to leave career and money
And all the people of the world, thought that was very funny
The enemy, on yonder hill, now rose and showed his face
And in my hand, for weapons Lord, were mercy, love and grace!

Now as I stood and watched the hill, my faith began to waver
I saw with earthly eyes my King, the liar and his saber
And then I saw a sight my Lord, that caused a raging chill
A hundred thousand demons, moving for the kill!

They took the hill, one by one, hour after hour
With tanks and planes and guns of war, overwhelming power
Horizon to horizon, as far as I could see
They were standing, mocking, leering down at me!

They moved off down the hill, my war had now begun
I stood there shaking, thinking, "My God, what have I done?"
In fear I searched for one more weapon, one of which I'd heard
And then I found it in my heart, it was, my Lord, your word!

The army hit very me hard, I slipped and fell in sin
The children of the world saw this, and now they all joined in
The liar danced before my eyes, "You think you're heaven bound?"
"If that's the case, you stupid fool, why are you on the ground?"

I called out to you then my Lord, "Remove me from this charge"
"This army that I'm facing, is much, much, much too large"
Then I heard your gentle voice, "Stand and fight and grow!"
"This has all been waged before, Remember my friend Job?"

And as I sit here, four years later, about to lose it all
I tell you this my Lord and King, I will heed your call
For I know now how this war ends, it's in your Revelation
And all the battles that I've lost, now give me great elation!

Yes, what I see now my Lord, I could not see then
You never ever left me Lord, you've always been my friend
And every time I've failed my Lord, and tried to fight my way
I heard your loving voice, "There's mercy here today!"

I understand, now my King, the losses have been training
For the most severe of all, this battle now remaining
And I will open up my chest, my heart I'll surely bare
And all the world will know for sure, that you are really there!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


Can you feel the wind
Moving through the Land
Blowing as God's Spirit
Falling from his hand

Can you feel the Spirit
Blowing through your heart
Touching every cell
Reaching every part

As the wind blows gently
Thus, the spirit too
For God has greatly blessed you
Blessed you through and through!

Jay L. Zumbrum
For the Father

From Matthew, Chapters 26, 27, 28


They came with swords and clubs, they came with angry malice
To drag this man away, and take him to the palace
They charged into the garden, betraying by a kiss
As Peter stood there screaming, "Hey, what is this?"

They took him to the priests, and teachers of the law
In the words he spoke, they must find a flaw
But not one flaw was found, and thus, they had to lie
These great and mighty men, knew that he must die!

"Are you the son of God?" they looked at him and cried
"It is just as you say" Jesus now replied
With this the beatings started, and they would last for hours
He stood there as a lamb, and would not use his powers!

In the courtyard of the palace, was Peter, standing near
But Peter now was failing, facing terror, fear
"Do you know this man?", they asked him now, three times
Three times he answered thus, "He is no friend of mine!"

And now the sun was rising, on this fateful day
"To Pilate He must go, take him, now, away!"
Pilate questioned Jesus, and then gave them a choice
The multitude now screamed, sounding as one voice!

With that his fate was sealed, he'd hang upon a cross
The disciples were all scattered, scared, alone and lost
The beatings now resumed, and thorns ripped at his flesh
These were the final hours, this was his greatest test!

They hit him, spit and mocked him, beat him with a staff
Dressed him in a robe, as they jeered and laughed
And then the hour came, Golgotha draweth nigh
With ripped and bloody flesh, this Lamb, at last, must die!

A cross of hewn wood, lying on the ground
And through this Sacred flesh, nails they now did pound
They raised the Lamb and cross, up unto the hill
Through those that really knew him, passed a fateful chill!

Darkness filled the land, from sixth until ninth hour
And still this mighty Lamb would not use his power
Faithful till the end, his life now passed away
The temple curtain ripped, to mark this precious day!

Jesus now was dead, and yet the priests did worry
Making plans and plotting, scurry, scurry, scurry
"Don't let them steal the body, put a guard there by the tomb"
"We beg you Mister Pilate, three days can't come too soon!"

The hours came and went, one by one by one
While each one contemplated all that they had done
The disciples and the followers, "Was this the only Christ?"
The priests and all their cohorts, "We've all done very nice!"

The third day rose anew, an angel flashing light
The ground was ripped and torn, the guards passed out in fright
The stone was rolled away, the angel sat and smiled
And all the plotting priests, were surely now beguiled!

And now there came two Marys, the tomb to gaze upon
The angel on the stone said, "Jesus now is gone!"
"Go tell all the disciples, we have the victory!"
And as they went, Jesus appeared, "Hello", he said, "It's Me!"

The guards now told the priests, the priests said "We must lie!"
"Here's a lot of money, and all of this, DENY!"
"Say they took the body, in the middle of the night!"
You silly, silly priests, we'd all have seen that light!

And now eleven men, dazed, alone, confused
Walked up onto a mountain, to see how they'd be used
And on that mountain Jesus said, "You each now have a mission!"
"Listen to my words my friends, this is THE GREAT COMMISSION!"

Into the world you will go, to men of every nation
Teaching them about my love, and of this great salvation
Eleven men, one mighty King, that's how it all got started
And I shall see my Lord's own face, when this earth I have departed!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


Please don't fight and bicker, over who will save the lost
Jesus is the one, who had to pay the cost
Let us move in unity, salvation as the goal
We can fight forever, but that won't save one soul!

So let us move in peace, let us move as one
Leading all our family, to the precious Son
Our Father up in heaven, would like that much, much more
For as we fight, he's standing, knocking on their door! :o)

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


I woke up a year ago, my life a total wreck
Went to pay a bill, but did not have a check
My car was breaking down, tires were all now bald
So it was to God, on that day I called!

Today when I awoke, I saw another man
His car was breaking down, he did not have a plan
But now I had an answer, one that I had found
This is simply it, Jesus is around! :o)

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory

In the midst of the fire, I will bless the Lord!


They tell me David danced, though he was a king
They tell me David sang, as loud as he could sing
When Pharaoh's mighty army, perished in the sea
Miriam took a tambourine, and danced, my Lord, for thee!

And when the wayward son, lost within his sin
Came trudging wearily home, his father took him in
He slew the fattened calf, a feast that some would envy
Within the house there was much joy, they danced, not one, but many!

So when they tell me Jesus, I should be restrained
And I feel this awesome tugging, pulling on my brain
I'll warn them very quickly, you must clear the way
The Holy Ghost has hit me, and I will dance today!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

Psalm 150:1-6
1 Praise the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. 2 Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. 3 Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, 4 praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute, 5 praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. 6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD.



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