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Is It True? Can Accepting Jesus Christ

As Your Savior And Repenting Of Your
Sins Change Your Life?

God Loves You!


Jay In Gettysburg, PA circa 2000

Jay At Peace Light Memorial In Gettysburg, PA
I should be dead, by God's Mercy, I live!


The letter to Peter below was written, and this web page was posted on the Internet, circa late 1996 to mid 1997 and remains exactly as it appeared then with four exceptions. (1) This note was added on 12/22/09. (2) In 1998 I updated this page with a note about the execution of my two cousins in SC for murder and two links to two of my other web pages. (3) In mid 2009 I added a third link to an excerpt from (God willing) my forthcoming book, "Who Cares". (4) Also in mid 2009 I added a link to the web page which promotes the CD of my testimony and 11 of the poems God has allowed me to write put to music by Joel Ness and God's Gang.

The Original 96/97 Posting With the Exceptions Noted Above
(audio) Listen to The Original 96/97 Posting With the Exceptions Noted Above (audio)
Narrated By Karen Ness

Without beating around the bush, let me get right to the point. There are some very sensible reasons for obeying God and living a Godly lifestyle. First and foremost is the fact that you will spend eternity in a place called Heaven, as opposed to a place referred to in the Bible as Hell.

But what about the here and now? What benefits are there for you now? In my own life, the benefits are easy to see. I have two cousins on death row in SC. I used to party with them everyday, they kept partying and getting wilder, I kept getting closer and closer to my knees and to Jesus. They are on death row, I have a chance to make a difference in my life and the lives of others. I have no less than 7 personal friends I grew up with dying from AIDS. I used to party with them every day, they got wilder, I got closer to Jesus. They are dying, I have the rest of my life to make a difference in this world.


In the summer of 1998 my two cousins referred to above were executed in the state of South Carolina for a murder they committed in that state while high and drunk. To learn more about how they impacted my life, and what they said as they were strapped to the table to receive the lethal injection that would carry them from this life to the next, please click on the three hyper links below. Also, please be sure to read the letter below I wrote to the teen in treatment in CA.


I would like you to read the following letter I wrote to a teen in treatment in CA some months ago, (now many years ago), see if you can find anywhere in that letter where my life would have been different if I had accepted Jesus and become obedient to a Godly lifestyle as a teen, instead of as an adult.

Dear Peter,
    Hi, my name is Jay Zumbrum and I am from York, PA.
    I learned about you from Syd, whom I had the great pleasure of chatting with on AOL. (America On Line)
    I shared a bit of my life with her, and she asked me if I could share my testimony with you. So I am sending you a copy of my testimony as it appeared to Syd when I sent it to her.
    I know first hand what it's like to be away from home. I spent 1 1/2 years in a Youth Development Center (YDC) near Pittsburgh, PA from the time I was 15 1/2 until I turned 17. That was about 350 miles from my home, so I only received one visit the whole time I was there. I was allowed to visit home once a month after my first few months there for just a weekend. Friday through Monday. But the bus trip took over 12 hours one way because of all the stops the bus made going from New Castle to Pittsburgh and a 4 hour layover in Pittsburgh waiting for my next bus connection, and I would get to York very late in the evening and have to leave early Monday morning. So I actually got to spend only Saturday and Sunday at home.
    I was so glad to hear that you are a Christian and trying to put your life together. And was even happier when I learned that you were only 18. That's young to me now! :) I am 43.
    There are so many words of wisdom I have learned the hard way that I want to pass on to you, and I am hopeful you will respond to my letter and write to me.
    For now Peter, let me encourage you to take every opportunity you can lay hold of to further your education and stay clean from dope and booze! They are all drugs to one degree or another.
    I am 43, currently unemployed and having trouble finding a position that will allow me to live a decent lifestyle because I lack a formal education. I have so many talents and abilities, but just can't seem to get my foot in the door with a decent company.
    I wish I had tried to change when I was your age. By the time I finally made the decision to do something with my life I was 30 years old and so immature because of the drugs and booze and never dealing with problems that I was almost unemployable.
    I pray with all my heart Peter, that you will not make the mistakes I've made in my life. By the time I decided to get serious about quitting I had spent the year and a half in the YDC and been in 7 different jails in two different states and the District of Columbia.
    I had wrecked every car I'd ever owned because of driving while on drugs or drunk, been in several other accidents, should have died in at least three of those accidents, all occurring at very high speeds, ended up in the emergency room waking up with 4 doctors and 7 cops staring down into my face, the first words I remember hearing, (I think), were, "Looks like he'll make it." That was because of an overdose.
    Another time I was so high on Quaaludes I walked out in front of a car doing 50 mph. The car hit me, knocked me right out of my shoes, I flew through the air, landed head first and slid on my face, stopping about 75 to 100 feet from the impact area. The only reason I know that is because the guy that was with me that night who ran away and left me to die because he had dope on him, the driver pulled a hit and run, told the cops he was afraid to stop because of the hour and neighborhood, anyway, the guy who left me to die later went back with me and showed me where I got hit, how far I flew and how I landed.
    I woke up in the hospital not even knowing what happened. I think I came to two days after the accident. When the doctor came to see me that morning he told me I was probably going to loose my left leg from the knee down because the bumper of the car had hit my knee and the damage was too great to save the leg! He also told me I had a fractured skull, and when one of the girls I knew at that time came in to see me I got an idea of just how badly I had damaged my face, she almost fainted when she came through the door. God only knows why I am still walking today. I even go Christian roller skating. My face healed fine. I'm no uglier now than I was then, just a little less hair! :)I will share more with you if you choose to write back.
    I have been shot at three times, cut with knives twice and been in the emergency rooms so many times I can't count them.
    Please Peter, I beg you with all of my heart, do not go back to the drugs or even booze. You have so much to live for. So many lives to touch in a positive loving way. Quitting was not easy for me. But I had good people who helped me and I thank God for them. I will do all I can to help you! Write to me anytime, my little brother!

Your new friend,
Jay L. Zumbrum

    PS: The night I was hit by the car Peter, my best friend found me. He came by on his motorcycle. He covered me with a blanket from a passing motorist he'd flagged down, called an ambulance, made sure I got to the hospital, took my shoes to my mother's house and made sure she got to the hospital. I was not expected to make it through the night.
    Several years later I went to his funeral Peter, he had been killed while riding his motorcycle. He had run off the road and hit a telephone pole. The autopsy showed his judgment was probably greatly impaired by the amount of drugs in his system. The very first time he had gotten high Peter, I was the one who turned him on.


I honestly don't think you had too much trouble seeing where Jesus could have made a major difference in this mans life. It is only by the mercy of God that I am still alive. It is by the mercy of God that I have discovered that I am called to ministry. It is by the mercy of God that he would allow a high school drop out to write poetry as he allows me to write. It is by the mercy of God that I am here today to tell you that you need Jesus. It is by the mercy of God that I have been chosen to write this poem for you!


Behold, my name is Jesus, I gave my life for you
I'm standing at your door, with words forever true
There is a place called Heaven, in which you can reside
A place of peace and mercy, and I'll be by your side!

Behold, my name is Jesus, to earth I shall return
And on that day, for all who mocked, the time shall come to burn
For all of those whom cheat and steal, my words they do ignore
Yes, they'll look up and plead with tears, "We want our lives no more!"

Behold, my name is Jesus, there's love here in my hand
There is a better life, to live within this land
Your sin is like a cancer, eating at your heart
And though you cannot see it, it rips your life apart!

Behold, my name is Jesus, and mercy fills my being
I know what brought you to your knees, I know what you are fleeing
I'm standing here with open arms, I'll heal your every wound
And when I return to this, my earth, you shall not be doomed!

Behold, my name is Jesus, walk with me awhile
And I will take your broken heart, and teach it how to smile
How much do we, in Heaven care, you called, the devil pouted
And up here where I now reside, a gazillion angels shouted!

A gazillion is too many to count! :o)
Welcome Home My Child
Your Room Is Waiting

My dear brother or sister, if you have made it this far, there is something tugging on your heart. It is not me nor my words, I am just a man serving Jesus. It is not my poetry, that is nothing more than symbols on your screen made into words for you to read. If you have made it this far, there is a desire in your heart to want to do something about the emptiness in your life, the loneliness in your heart. My friend, if you have made it this far, you need Jesus.

Jesus said that he would call all men unto him, that at some point in everyone's life, he would stand at the door and knock. The tugging, the longing, the yearning for something more that you feel in your heart right now, that, my friend, is Jesus knocking at your door!

If you want to accept Jesus Christ, right now, as your Lord and Savior, if you want the stain of sin forever removed from your life, if you want to reside in Heaven for eternity with sweet Jesus, then pray this prayer right now, you do not have to pray it out loud, just pray it in your heart! Jesus said that he stands at your door and knocks, if you open the door, he will come in, Jesus said that if you ask, you will receive, if you ask in prayer right now, you will receive the mercy of God through Jesus Christ, your risen Lord and Savior. Pray this prayer now! It is time!

Dear God, I am a person whom has made many mistakes in my life. I have been told dear God, that the stain of sin can be removed from my life, that my life can be made new. Dear God, I come before you this hour, and lay my sins at your feet. Lord Jesus, I need you in my heart, I need your love, your mercy, your forgiveness. I ask you now Lord Jesus, having repented of my sins, to please come into my life and wash me with your blood, begin a work in my heart Lord Jesus, and be with me until the day that I am with you in heaven. Lord Jesus, I need you and want you in my life. Come Lord Jesus, for I have opened the door of my heart. All of the above I pray in your precious name Jesus.

If you prayed that prayer, and meant it in your heart, you are now a newborn child of God! Welcome home, your room is waiting! :o)



Now that you have accepted Jesus, Please talk to people about your decision, God works through people and he will lead you to a church! And please talk to me. I would love to be your pen pal and send you new poems when I have them finished. Don't forget to check out my other web page links, but much more importantly, don't forget to let me know I have a new brother or sister in the Lord!

God Bless
A humble servant
Jay :o)



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