CD Testimony & Words In Song
From The Heart Of Jay L. Zumbrum
With God's Gang:  Joel, Karen, Ross
& Marisa

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CD Testimony
Narrated By Joel's Wife, Karen

The reason for the creation of this CD is very straight forward. This CD exists as a low cost sharing of my testimony and how death row touched my life. The CD has been created to be given to young people and the not so young, so they do not make the mistakes that I and my cousins made. On the CD you will experience the heart break, the pain, the sorrows, and the destruction wrought in my life and the lives of others due to the influence of drugs and alcohol. You will also learn of God's unfathomable mercy and forgiveness and how turning from my life of gangs, drugs and alcohol saved my life. Simply put, it is our way of saying to young people, "Please do not waste the gift of life you have been given. There is a better way"!

This CD contains an audio reading of the text on three of my web pages, eleven of the poems God has blessed me to write put to music, an invitation to accept Christ as your Savior and a dedication. It contains the original version of my testimony as it first appeared on my pages some ten years ago, a letter to a youth named Peter who at the time was incarcerated in a juvenile facility in California and an account of my cousins executed in South Carolina, John Plath and John (Butch) Arnold and how they left the world and a thank you to all the people who at the time prayed for me, my cousins and all the families of those touched by the murder. Below you will find the text of the eleven poems put to music by God's Gang and links to the three pages from which Karen narrated the text. Though Joel used the same musical arrangement for a few of the poems, the words still convey what I felt in my heart when I wrote them. Joel was under the gun getting the CD finished so they could be shared for a youth gathering at his church. I pray God will touch your heart as you learn more about our desire and our mission to touch Lives for Christ.   Jay



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Psalm 106:1
PRAISE YE the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord;
for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.


Standing on the shore, of the Mercy sea
Waves of living water, flowing over me
I fall down to my knees, and lift up Holy Hands
For God is moving mightily, through my desert sands!

By crystal shining water, arid bones are splashed
Pain, remorse and all anger, now are being smashed
The waves will not relent, rushing to the shore
And I am overwhelmed, by mercy ten times more!

And now my heart is weeping, primed by mercy sea
There is an awesome power, moving now through me
And from my knees I fall, prone, onto my face
As I look up and realize, My Lord is in this place!

I'm weeping like a baby, as he gently takes my hand
And pulls my now washed body, up from cool sweet sand
And then I understand all that I must do
I must take this mercy, and pass it on to you!

Matthew 5:7
7 Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy. (NIV)

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory
Mercy To All


I came upon a vase, upon it was my name
The vase, before, had fallen, and would never be the same
In many, many pieces, the vase before had been
Each and every one, a broken wicked sin!

And then a man named Jesus, came upon the vase
And when he saw the pieces, a smile lit up his face
One by one he took them, and made them almost new
And what held them together was not a man made glue

What held them all together, was Jesus and his light
Shining through the cracks, into the darkest night
Within the vase, he placed a piece, the one that was my heart
And said to me, with all his Love, I never shall depart!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

The Weeble Who Loved Jesus!

I am a little Weeble, wobbling through life
As this Weeble wobbled, he wobbled into strife
They say that Weebles wobble, and never do fall down
I know that that's not true, my knees have found the ground!

This Weeble wobbled wildly, for years on end you see
And all the other Weebles, wobbled far from me
A drunken Weeble wobbling, is really quite a site
A Weeble that is real, you see, would never want to fight!

I know today it's pride, that keeps a Weeble standing
When the Weeble knows, on knees it should be landing
And I am glad this Weeble, tumbled to it's knee
For as this Weeble wobbles, it wobbles and is free!

Now Weebles don't have arms, or that's what people say
I wonder how they think us Weebles, ever learned to pray
Weebles are quit tricky, and really have a blast
To see this Weeble's arms praise God, you must be very fast!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory

The Move Of God

The world ran out today, to see the move of God
Christian's screaming loudly, "On Satan we will trod"
From one church to another, they ran in joy and glee
They ran right past a blind man, lost, who could not see!

"There's a miracle at this church, let us go partake"
"We'll show the wretched sinners, Jesus is awake"
Again they ran around, from one church to another
Seeking out the miracles, they passed a homeless brother!

Each church now needed miracles, the bigger, well, the better
"The Holy Water's flowing, at this church we'll get wetter"
Running all around. "More miracles, how neat"
They ran right past a family, that had no food to eat!

Jesus on the hillside, now shed a painful tear
"Is there no one left, no one left to hear?"
A crippled man walked up, God's love in him complete
"When they fall from running, I'll help them to their feet!"

Mark 9:41
41 I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name
because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward. (NIV)

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus precious Name
And for His Glory


The battle drums are sounding, I'm being called to war
Within my hands I have the word, and I will run no more
I see my army marching, thousands on the way
Each and every one, armed with prayers to pray!

The drummers beating harder, the trumpets sounding loud
And overhead is Jesus, falling from a cloud
My body shakes and shudders, at next the sight I see
There are a million angels, marching now with me!

Several thousand warriors, angels shore to shore
The ground is heaving, shaking, as we move to war
The battle charge is sounded, from Jesus' glowing face
And not one demon dares to stand upon this Holy Place!

The cannon shells are falling, prayers now fill the air
And I am moved to tears, by all of those who care
And now the battle dies, there's peace upon my land
As Jesus reaches out, and gently shakes my hand!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


My mind is a raging fire, I'm convicted in my heart
I long to be a Christian Lord, but know not where to start
I hear my Savior knocking, he's standing at the door
And all the earthly worldly things aren't important anymore!

I make the great decision, I fall down on my knees
And ask my Lord to save me, enter my heart I plead
And I know that at that moment, my sin is cast away
I'm now a newborn child, a tender Christian babe!

The news spreads fast, and soon I learn, the enemy has heard
His plan is to attack, before I know the Word
For with the Word I have in me the Holy Spirit's power
He knows he must attack at once, he cannot wait an hour!

He gathers together all his demons and sets his battle plans
He must destroy this new child's faith, it must blow as drifting sands
The planning takes just minutes, they empty all the files
And then his army moves, armed with many trials!

The attack is fast and furious, and for awhile I stumble
But in the end, I am quite sure, it is Satan who will bumble
I'm hit with many problems, they're coming by the score
And as my faith begins to slip, I fall down to the floor!

Satan now is laughing, he jumps around in glee
And then the smile fades from his face, as I struggle to one knee
He stares unto the battlefield, his face is filled with terror
With all the files they had on me, could he have made an error?

I'm beaten, battered, on one knee, as my lips begin to move
Satan is screaming at the top of his lungs, "What's he trying to prove?"
He sends out queries to the demons, "What is that he's saying?"
The answer comes like a shot in the night, "Oh Lucifer, he's praying!"

My strength ebbs back, and as I struggle, I gain the other knee
And when the demons see this, they turn from me and flee
Satan screams, "Stand and fight, he's only just a man!"
The answer comes loud and clear, "A man in the Savior's hand!"

The battle now is over, my faith as strong as steel
And in my heart, I know full well, the Lord Jesus is for real
For as I lay on the ground that day, something gently lifted me
Without that gentle lifting, I'd never have gained my knees!

The moral of this poem, is really very clear
Just call on the name of Jesus, when you're facing fear
For when you call on Jesus, Satan hasn't got a chance
The power that he thinks he has  is fictional romance!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


I wrecked my car and lost my job, man, what a day
Then the monthly rent came due, this bill I could not pay
The finance company called to say, "We're going to take your car"
Someone I loved then told a lie, and ripped open healing scars!

I then went into my garage, to find that I'd been robbed
I called up my insurance man, "Can't pay!" is what he sobbed
And then a man for whom I worked, who paid me by commission
Told me that I'd now lost thousands, some silly old omission!

Everything I'd sold before, had made him very happy
Now he told me on the phone, "Your bids were very crappy"
I wondered when that change took place, I felt that I might cry
Then I realized it happened, on the day I would not lie!

Satan now came to my house, and knocked upon the door
He said, "You're broke and losing all, your tithe you can ignore!"
I pulled the check book from the drawer, and tithed on every penny
I must admit, that of these pennies, there just were not too many!

I felt so weak, so drained and blue, like I could not go on
And as I prayed on bended knees, for a brand new dawn
I heard a gentle voice call out, "What you're learning son, is faith"
"If you never faced a trial my child, you never could relate!"

"What you're feeling now my son, Jesus felt for you"
"His trial a hundred-fold more, than what you're going through"
"So maybe now you understand, the price he chose to pay"
"That's how much he loved you son, to take your sin away!"

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And for His Glory


I fell again today, as I ran the race
From my precious King, I want to hide my face
Broken wounded heart, shattered by the sin
I wonder precious Father, will I ever win?

I am so distraught, wanting now to flee
Just as Peter fled, as he once failed Thee
There are many tears, conviction is quite real
I despise this place, and all that I now feel!

I know that you forgive, cast my sin away
If I will repent, if I will just pray
But I am so ashamed, how dare I come to call
With all that I have learned, how could I ever fall?

With love you take my hand, and open up my eyes
Dispelling all the fears, quashing Satan's lies
You tell me now of Peter, not many could be worse
And yet upon that rock, you chose to build your church!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name
And For His Glory


Jesus is my Lord, King of all I see
I'm living with his Spirit, deep inside of me
I'm running in the race, running to the wire
And in my heart there burns, a mighty, awesome fire!

My mind now wants to dance, my feet soon come in line
My heart is full of joy, I'm drunk, but not with wine
My arms are raised quite high, as my feet now start to dance
I've found an awesome love, better than romance!

I can't contain my joy, my feet skip cross the floor
And now my feet have gone, and busted down the door
And now I'm on the roof, shouting, yes I'll yell
Jesus set me free, and Devil, go to hell!

The neighbors all are looking, looking to my roof
Some may think I'm crazy, some may think aloof
But in my heart I know, they've heard me shout this night
As I shouted from my roof, shining like a light!

And now my house is shaking, as the Spirit takes control
I've never felt like this, and I am on a roll
Around me angels dance, singing now, in glee
"I think the dummy's got it, he's on the roof and free!"

I danced upon the roof, well into the night
Me and all the angels, we were quite a sight
And I will praise you Lord, with fire deep in my heart
I'll shout your name so loud, I'll blow this house apart!

Praise you Lord Jesus
Praise you!!!
Jay L. Zumbrum


I came from a monkey, so they say to me
My family back then, lived up in a tree
I came from a monkey, but really don't see how
My arms are not that long, maybe I'm a cow!

I do not bark at people, I cannot be a dog
I do not gaze at people, like a lizard on a log
Yet they will persist, there is no other way
Monkey to a man, is what I am today!

I've never seen a monkey, sit and build a fire
And surely never seen, a monkey in a choir
I've never seen a monkey, fix a broken toy
Yet I must remain, a modern monkey boy!

There is a missing link, of this they are quite sure
And when they find that link, they will have their cure
So on they search in vain, looking for the bone
Of that special monkey, that one day built a home!

I do not understand, it's very hard to see
Why in life they must, a monkey make of me
I've found my missing link, no bone, well what a shock
My missing link is Jesus, and he is but a rock!

Jay L. Zumbrum

Romans 9:33 As it is written:
“See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble
and a rock that makes them fall,
and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” (NIV)


Glory, glory, glory, I lift your name on high
I will praise your name, lifting hands into the sky
Glory, glory, glory, in the middle of this fight
As in this war I bow my knees, and yield to shining light!

Glory, glory, glory, as the battle rages on
I come to you on bended knees, and praise you with a song
Glory, glory, glory, for my  enemies shall flee
As I now rise and stomp my feet, in Jesus I am free!

Glory, glory, glory, for I'm battered and quite bruised
The enemy thinks he's won, you've promised he will lose
Glory, glory, glory, as faith now stands the test
For when this raging battle ceases, I shall have sweet rest!

Glory, glory, glory, I praise you Lord and King
This battle now is over, in peace my voice shall ring
Glory, glory, glory, for just this one small taste
Of what you felt upon the cross, as the enemy was erased!

Thank you Jesus
Glory Glory Glory
Jay L. Zumbrum